Model SCA-7000 Quantum Cascade Laser Analyzer

Reliable - Consistent - Repeatable

The Result of New Technology and Decades of Experience in Combustion Analyzers

Read a report on the Quantum Cascade Laser presented at ISA automation week 2010


  • Fuel efficiency, stoichiometric combustion control
  • Flue gas CO and O2 monitoring
  • Combustion safety instrumented systems (SIS)
  • CO2 and fuel composition monitoring
  • Green house gas reduction recording
  • NOx, reduction (with stoichiometric combustion control)
  • Boiler tube leak detection
  • Tool for combustion tuning



Unique Features

  • Design criteria - 7 year component life.
  • No maintenance - aside from purge air filters.
  • Nitrogen purge not required for O2 analysis.
  • Retrofits into existing installed Bambeck Systems analyzers.
  • Fast response to process variations.
  • Environmental enclosures.
  • Convenient optical alignment.

Special Features

  • Calibration not required.
  • Optical window interface to glue gas.
  • Purge air blower system - designed for extreme industrial environments.
  • Signal light variations are continuously adjusted.

General Features

  • Transverse gas measurement.
  • No flue gas probes - sample extracting, handling or transport systems.
  • Impervious to vibration, duct expansion, contraction and movement.
  • Transmitter.
  • No moving parts.
  • Easy to install.
  • UL, CSA approvals pending.

Laser Detector

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